Plug in People
    We welcome all new and returning students to the next best school year. Take a look around the website to locate information that is specific to your needs. Get plugged into any of our activities or clubs. The student part of the website will be in a constant state of change as pictures and other information will be placed here. Be on the lookout for updates.
    Student Points of Interest
  • Website Presence

    Occasionally ACHS has photo/audio/video opportunities presenting our Stingrays successes and high school life moments.  This also can include the use of various social media platforms that show, more immediately, the impact that our student body can make in and around the community.  To publish these things to the website (or elsewhere in the district), students need to complete a release form. 

    You can get the form here ---> Media Release - Consent

    Once all is completed, please take the signed and dated document to the Student Union/Media Center so the information can be filed appropriately.  This will need to be updated each school year. 

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