school bus
    All students attending Mt. Herman E.S.C. are eligible for special transportation services. Please refer to the Special Needs Transportation Parent/Guardian Handbook for specific information about the rules, regulations and guidelines for transporting exceptional students. The following are some of the general procedures:
    1. The bus driver is to deliver the student only to the permanent or alternate address assigned and approved by the ESE Transportation Administrator;
    2. Any address changes, including pick-up and drop-off changes, must be made through the ESE Admissions/Placement Office at 348-7760. Whenever possible, notify that Office of the address change at least one week in advance. The ESE Office will then authorize the Transportation Department to schedule bus service;
    3. The student shall be ready to board the bus at the designated pick-up point at least ten minutes before the scheduled pick-up time in the morning;
    4. Drivers are to avoid situations that require the bus to be backed up whenever possible;
    5. Transportation service shall be provided over all-weather roads that are open to the public and maintained at public expense;
    6. Arrangements shall be made for an authorized person to receive the student at least ten minutes before the scheduled drop-off time in the afternoon. If an authorized person is not home, the bus driver is instructed to leave a note at the student’s home and continue on the route until all other students are delivered home. When the driver returns a second time to deliver the student and no authorized person (designated on the Emergency Form) is there to receive him/her, the alternate drop-off shall be used (should be within the area the route serves). If no other options are available, the student will be delivered back to the school or placed in the custody of the proper authorities;
    7. An absence of more than two days should be reported to the driver or contractor so they know when the student will be returning;
    8. The driver is to wait no more than two minutes for tardy students and is not to blow the bus horn at the drip-off or pick-up point.