• Listed below are all the Spring Sports offered on our campus, and the Head Coaches of those sports.  If you would like more information on a particular sport, simply email that coach.  If the coach doesn't respond, or you would like general information on the entire Raines' Athletics Department, you can email Athletic Director (Dewayne Butler - butlerd1@duvalschools.org) or Assistant Athletic Director (Deran Wiley Ennis - wileyd@duvalschools.org).  For rosters, schedules, and more on an individual team visit www.planeths.com or c2cschools.org.

    Head Coach: Rudy LeCount (lecountr@duvalschools.org)

    Flag Football

    Head Coach: Renee Livingston (livingstor@duvalschools.org)

    Softball (Fast Pitch)

    Head Coach: Gail Thompson (thompsong1@duvalschools.org)

    Tennis (B)

    Head Coach: Michael Bostic-Jones (bostic-jom@duvalschools.org)

     Tennis (G)

    Head Coach: I can Jennings (jenningsi@duvalschools.org)


    Track & Field (B)

    Head Coach: Steve Bellamy (bellamys@duvalschools.org)

    Track & Field (G)

    Head Coach: Lewis James (jamesl5@duvalschools.org)