• The Fall Sports season generally runs from Early August thru November/early December.  Many teams are conditioning over the summer, so if you are interested in participating you should contact the coach as early as possible.  Listed below are all the Fall Sports offered on our campus, and the Head Coaches of those sports.  If you would like more information on a particular sport, simply email that coach.  If the coach doesn't respond, or you would like general information on the entire Raines' Athletics Department, you can email Athletic Director (Anthony Scarlett - scarletta1@duvalschools.org) or Assistant Athletic Director (Deran Wiley - wileyd@duvalschools.org).  For rosters, schedules, and more on an individual team visit www.planeths.com or c2cschools.org.

    Head Coach: Julius Paden  cooljgp100@aol.com


    Head Coach: Kiselle Bell-Perdue (ennist@duvalschools.org)

    Cross Country (B)

    Head Coach: Steve Bellamy (bellamys@duvalschools.org)

    Cross Country (G)

    Head Coach: Lewis James (jamesl@duvalschools.org)


    Head Coach: Deran Wiley (wileyd@duvalschools.org)

     Golf (B)

    Head Coach: Marques Reynolds (Reynoldsm2@duvalschools.org)

     Golf (G)

    Head Coach: Aaron Austin  austina6@duvalschools.org

     JV Football

    Head Coach: Rudy LeCount (lecountr@duvalschools.org)

     Swimming (B)

    Head Coach: Michael Bostic-Jones (Bostic-jom@duvalschools.org)

     Swimming (G)

    Head Coach: TBA


    Head Coach: Gail Thompson  (gailthompson37@gmail.com)