• Character Education

     What is Character Education?

    ·         Teaching students how to take responsibility for their actions and to treat others with respect.

    ·         Showing students that there are specific payoffs in life for doing those things.

    ·         Modeling that behavior for students every second that they are with us during the day, and expecting them to do the same.

    ·         Creating an atmosphere at school where students can safely practice those behaviors until such behavior becomes the norm.



    Responsibility: Do what you are supposed to do • Persevere: keep on trying! • Always do your best • Use self-control • Be self-disciplined • Think before you act — consider the consequences • Be accountable for your choices


    Respect: Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule • Be tolerant of differences • Use good manners, not bad language • Be considerate of the feelings of others • Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone • Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements 


    Cooperation: Be willing to work with others! You can demonstrate being cooperative by working with others even if you do not agree with them and by contributing in a meaningful way to a group effort. Follow through on promises! Be open to others views! Be willing to do your share!


    Patriotism: Be a participating member of your community at home and at school! Show respect to the flag and other symbols of your country! Learn about your country's history and government! Patriotism is a important part of good citizenship!


    Kindness: Show consideration, helpfulness and gentleness toward others! Express gratitude toward others, help those in need, forgive others and show others that you care about them! Use kind words. Your friends, classmates and family feel special when they hear you use kind words! Some kind words are: Way to go! What a great idea! Good for you!


    Racial, ethnic, and religious tolerance: Be open minded, understanding, sensitive, and compassionate and accepting toward others who are different than you! Be willing to listen and learn about people and cultures that are different from your own!


    Charity: Be generous in your actions! Donate to help the poor, ill or helpless. You can exhibit charity by sharing, assisting others. You can help people you know or even those that you do not know! Seek out ways to help those in need! You can help other students or teachers at school, help those at home, in your neighborhood or across the world!


    Honesty: Tell the truth in every situation! Do not cheat or steal. Be open and frank! An honest person abides the law. They are sincere, genuine, direct, fair, objective and unbiased. To be honest means you deserve trust and confidence. It also means that you are reliable, dependable, loyal, responsible, faithful, honest and honorable. 


    Self-control: Self- control is the control or restraint of oneself or ones actions and feelings. Children exhibit self-control when they wait, take turns, and when they can choose NOT to say something. You can exhibit self-control by doing the right thing when you are facing peer pressure. Also, by doing what needs to be done instead of what is fun.


    Citizenship: Living a life of character: