• Upcoming Events
    There will be three general meetings and those times are TBA. Information will be sent home with students.
    Dear Parents,
    Westview K-8 PTA is focusing on volunteers.We take our mission of helping to improve the education of children seriously,and encourage all families to help support by volunteering throughout the year. We rely on volunteers to assist us with all of our scheduled events and the children love to see their parents and grandparents participating at school. There are many ways of volunteering. Please email me at 
    shkicglover@yahoo.com to ask about committees and volunteer forms. We look forward to working with each of you,hearing your concerns, and voicing your opinions to improve our children's education. Please pass along to all fellow friends that to join PTA is only $5.00. Thanks and please contact any of the PTA board with question or concerns.
    Best Regards,
    Shki Glover (President 2013-2014)