•  Volunteer

    Each volunteer plays an important role in the educational process.  It is the goal of Duval County Public Schools to esnure that each of our volunteers has a positive experience while in our schools.  If you have suggestions on how the volunteer program can be improved, please contact your school's Volunteer Coordinator, Principal, or the Community & Family Engagement Department.
    Volunteer Policies
    1.  You must complete a Volunteer Application online.  All applications must be approved before volunteering.
    2.   Each time you volunteer, sign in, and record your hours in the volunteer book located in the school's main office.
    3.  Attend orientation meetings conducted by your Volunteer Coordinator or School Designee.  Always wear your volunteer name tag or button for identification.  This is provided at the school.
    4.  Observe all school policies relating to eating facilities within the school, the teacher's lounge, fire drills, telephones, school ethics, dress code, etc... The school volunteer coordinator will provide this information.
    5.  Exhibit professionalism and high moral standards at all times while performing your volunteer duties.  Remember:  YOU are a role model for the students.
    6.  Share any concerns you have about your assignment with the school volunteer coordinator.  We can't fix the problem if we don't know what it is.