Volunteer Information

  • Thank you for your interest in volunteering in our school!  For the safety of our children,  Duval County requires all volunteers and visitors to register and be screened.  It is a quick and easy process, so please apply online today at www.duvalschools.org/volunteer. Then go to community>volunteer information tab. The turn around time for this process to be completed is about 5 days. 
    This process must be completed for anyone who would like to volunteer, chaperone, visit classrooms and have lunch with their child. We suggest you go ahead and register now. 

    Please click the the following link http://www.crownpoint.my-pta.org to find our list of volunteer events. Go to any volunteer event and click where you want to volunteer. 
    Make sure to log your volunteer hours in the Volunteer Folder located in the school office.