• A. Philip Randolph's School Counseling Team

    Mr. Charles Lyles, Assistant Principal of Curriculum

    Ms. Deirdre Clayton, School Counselor (9th & 12th)

    Ms. Karen Wade, School Counselor (10th & 11th)

    Ms. Alexis Steele, Clinical Counselor, Children's Home Society

    Mr. Ricky Badger, ESE Liaison

    Ms. Melcia Robinson, Data Entry Clerk

    Ms. Umeeka Peterson, Records Clerk


    Frequently Asked Questions and Contacts

    Questions regarding Grades? 

    Email your Teachers directly

    Questions regarding scheduling a Parent-Teacher Conference?

    Email Mrs. Black to Set-up a Conference

    Email Mrs. Black

    Questions Regarding Scheduling? 

    Email School Counselor according to Grade Level

    Karen Wade or Deirdre Clayton

    Questions regarding ESE/IEP? 

    Email Mr. Ricky Badger

    Email Mr. Badger

    Questions regarding Colleges and/or Scholarships? 

    Email Your Counselor to Set-up a Conference

    Email Ms. Clayton

    Email Ms. Wade

    Questions regarding Transcipts/Records? 

    Email Ms. Peterson to request transcripts and records

    Email Ms. Peterson

    Questions Regarding Seniors/Class of 2023? 

    Email Ms. Clayton, Senior Counselor

    Email Ms. Clayton 

    Questions regarding Attendance/Absences? 

    Email Ms. Thornton, Attendance Clerk

    Email Ms. Thornton



    Please note: Due to the current health situation, we are not taking walk-ins or scheduling face-to-face appointments at this time. The best, fastest way to a response is through the above email contacts.


    Schedule Information

    Once you receive your schedule, check for the following:

    All 4 core academic classes (i.e. you have English, Math, Science, Social Studies)

    No Duplicate classes (i.e. English twice) or Missing classes (i.e. no class/blank for 2nd period)

    No Classes you have already taken/passed (i.e. you can only take HOPE once)

    No Classes for which you are not eligible (i.e. English 4 when you are a Freshman)

     If all of your classes are correct but you want to request a schedule change, please complete the Schedule Change Form

    Note: You are NOT guaranteed a schedule change – some schedules are just not able to change.


    The MISSION, It's Possible!