• GUIDANCE - is in Jag Central at the front of the Main Bldg.

    To request a conference with your counselor, please call 924-3011 and use the appropriate extension below:

    Grade 10 & 12 Counselor and Graduation Coach:

    Mrs. Deidre Clayton   Claytond1@duvalschools.org     

    Grade 9 & 11 Counselor: 
    Ms. Chanel Gaiter    Gaiterc@duvalschools.org 


     The following information and services are also available:

    •   Bi-weekly progress reports (parent request)
    •   College/University Admissions
    •   DVIA-Duval Virtual School
    •   Dual Enrollment
    •   Parent/Teacher Conferences (parent request)
    •   Schedule Changes (see below)
    •   Transcripts
    •   Referrals to Full Service

    Schedule Change Request
    Schedule Change Request Forms can be completed by a student in the guidance office.
    Courses can not be added or dropped after the 10th day of enrollment in the course without PRINCIPAL’s APPROVAL. 

    Schedules can be changed if:

    •  a course is required for graduation 
    •  credit for a course has been previously earned
    •  pre-requisite course(s) have not been passed
    •  Class-Size Amendment requirements are not met


    Juniors and Seniors are you planning for college?


    College Student Studying

     Participate in a special session

    "How to Apply for College Financial Aid."

     Duval County Public Schools is conducting Financial Aid Nights at our schools through February.   Join us for a free session at our school. The date and time is listed below. Learn how to apply for   financial aid for college. It is easier than you think, and we encourage all students to apply   whether they think they need financial aid or not. 






    1157 Golfair Blvd., 32209, (904) 924-3011


    October 18, 2018

    6:00 PM

     All schools - click the link below.

    2018-19 Financial Aid Nights


     Biography Section - Meet Your Counselor

    Deirdre Clayton