To request a conference with your counselor, please call 924-3011 and use the appropriate extension below:

    Mrs. Kearns, Department Chair- Freshmen through Seniors in Fire & Rescue, Health Sciences, & Criminal Justice Students (Ext. 117)

    Ms. Warlick- Freshmen through Seniors in Construction, Cosmetology and Information Technology (Ext. 116)

     The following information and services are also available:

    •   Bi-weekly progress reports (parent request)
    •   College/University Admissions
    •   DVIA-Duval Virtual School
    •   Dual Enrollment
    •   Parent/Teacher Conferences (parent request)
    •   Schedule Changes (see below)
    •   Transcripts
    •   Referrals to Full Service

    Schedule Change Request

    Schedule Change Request Forms
    can be completed by a student in the guidance office. Courses can not be added or dropped after the 10th day of enrollment in the course without PRINCIPAL’s APPROVAL. 

    Schedules can be changed if:

    1.  a course is required for graduation 
    2.  credit for a course has been previously earned
    3.  pre-requisite course(s) have not been passed
    4.  Class-Size Amendment requirements are not met