At Mandarin Oaks Elementary our mission is to help our students succeed. To make sure each student is prepared to thrive at the next level, we want your child to learn a year’s worth of knowledge this year.  Our faculty uses curriculum to help students meet those learning standards.

     Consider it like this: 

    • Standards are expectations. Sample expectation: students will know that 2+2=4 and understand why the equation works.
    • Curriculum is a set of materials. Our teachers use the curriculum to prepare students to learn that 2+2 =4 and to understand why the equation works.

    Standards are important for our students, educators, and state. Standards help ensure every child in Florida, regardless of where they live, is learning the information necessary to succeed in future grades, college, careers and life. 

    Florida is now using the B.E.S.T. standards (Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking).

    Parental Action: Click here for ways to motivate your child to learn!