• 2022 Spring Driver’s Education Classes

    Wolfson High School

    7000 Powers Avenue

    Coordinator:   Walter Williams = williamsw2@duvalschools.org


    Registration Dates & Times:

     (Mondays and Wednesdays) between the time of 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM)

    Cost:                   $160.00 exact CASH only (No credit/debit cards or checks accepted)


    Dates of Each Session: (Pick one session)

    Class Times:       TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM

    Session 1: 1/11,1/13,1/18,1/20,1/25,1/27,2/1,2/3,2/8,2/10,2/15,2/17,2/22,2/24

    Session 2: 3/1,3/3,3/8,3/10,3/22,3/24,3/29,3/31,4/5,4/7,4/12,4/14,4/19,4/21


    Important Information:

    • Learners Permit is recommended prior to the start of the session. If you don’t have a permit before the session begins, you have to pass the Permit test with us.
    • The student does not need to be present to register – they can have someone register them.
    • Vehicles are provided during each session.
    • The class consists of three parts: classroom, driving range, and street driving.   You must average a 70% on all tests in each part to qualify for you Driver’s License waiver.
    • Do not bring purses or backpacks – you will be moving from classroom to driving range to street driving and will have to leave your belongings in the classroom.
    • School is not responsible for missing items.
    • Sneakers or flat shoes are required at all times for safety – no flip-flops or high heels.