•  music  Music Education builds the skills needed to cultivate children's creativity, expression, empathy, and innovation, which are all essential elements necessary to prepare students for life! Our music curriculum is a 6-year program based on the Florida Sunshine State Standards and connecting common core education in a cross-curricular relationship. Students progress through developmentally appropriate lessons that culminate with opportunities to participate in classroom ensembles and solo performances.
     paint  Our visual arts program provides our students with the foundation needed to succeed as artists. They are taught the skills and techneques that will carry them not only to LaVilla but also beyond.
    perform  Fishweir Elementary School’s Performing Arts Magnet Program provides opportunities for all students to express themselves creatively in the areas of oral, written, visual and performing arts. The school offers a well-rounded enrichment program that integrates artistic and expressive communication into the daily curriculum. Fishweir magnet students are given priority consideration for placement into the middle school for performing arts.