• Kernan K

    Kernan Middle School is a comprehensive Middle School with classes designed to meet the needs of all students and their academic level. We offer standard, advanced and gifted core classes.  Students can earn high school credits in Spanish, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Early College and Physical Science.  Eligible students can even earn college credit through our Pre-Early College Program.  Top students are placed in our GATE program (Gifted and Academically Talented Education), where curriculum is tailored to meet their needs. 

    We are proud to be a center school for Autism, where we support students with special needs in both inclusion and self-contained settings.  In addition to working to meet the needs of our students with Autism, we also serve our students with other exceptionalities through partnerships between content experts and experienced ESE teachers.

    School guidance counselors work hand in hand with teachers and school administrators to meet the social-emotional needs of students navigating their way through adolescence.  Lessons on diversity, social skills, bullying and much more are taught to every student through our Amazing Osprey time.  We believe in developing the qualities of an Amazing Osprey and that these qualities will lead to success. 

     Amazing Ospreys set goals, work hard and practice the things they need to do to achieve them; recognize, learn about and value the differences of others; never give up; conquer math; are kind; read; see mistakes as an opportunity to learn; are tenacious learners; work to make their school, community and world a better place; and ask for help!

     We continue to look at assessment data to guide instruction and provide for continual and appropriate learning. We want every student to be inspired and prepared for success and believe to do so we must inspire confidence in our students through fostering their social, emotional and academic growth in every classroom, every day.