• Osprey Kernan Middle School is a comprehensive Middle School with classes that meet the needs of all students and their academic level. A “school within a school” model has been adopted and implemented for this campus. The campus is primarily comprised of three buildings or houses. Each house contains a core academic team for each grade level, 6th, 7th, and 8th. There is a Dean of Students and one Assistant Principal, along with the Assistant Principal of Curriculum who oversee the houses.

    This design is an integral part of creating a “small school” environment within a large school setting. This has been purposefully done in order to establish and maintain a secure and caring place where everyone feels they belong. Utilization of CHAMPs and Foundations makes Kernan one of the area’s educational leaders in preserving a safe, civil and positive school environment.

    We continue to look at assessment data to guide instruction and provide for continual and appropriate learning. Ultimately, our goal is to meet the specific needs of students and provide a learning atmosphere of high expectations for all students as they prepare to live in a global society. Our philosophy at Kernan is to provide academic success for every student, every day in every classroom.