2021 MS Logo
                                                                 The Middle School Conference
    The purpose of this organization is to cultivate and promote interscholastic sports as well as encourage participation between conference schools.

    The aim of the Duval County Middle School Conference is as follows:

                      A.     To coordinate the middle school athletic program for boys and girls.

                      B.    To promote interscholastic athletics within the conference.

                      C.    To promote better relationships between school and the community.

                      D.    To develop a desire for better fellowship and closer athletic associations among member schools.

                      E.     To instill sportsmanship, leadership, self-discipline, citizenship and social standards among boys and girls

                                in the public school system of Duval County.

                      F.      To better prepare individuals to meet the responsibilities and future requirements of good citizens in our

                               democratic society.