• Leadership Development Program

    6th Grade – Leadership From Within
    At the 6th grade level, students are just beginning to understand who they are as potential leaders.  Julia Landon students use the Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens curriculum along with group projects, journaling, discussion and multimedia learning to develop their personal leadership skills and strengthen their ability to effectively communicate and work collaboratively with others.
    7th Grade – Service Leadership in the Community
    At the 7th grade level students begin the application of those skills realized and developed the previous year.  With the goal of inspiring students to be servant leaders, 7th graders at Julia Landon engage in multiple service learning projects over the course of the school year.  Students research areas in the school and local community that are of greatest need, develop highly organized plans of action and present proposals to school leadership.   Food drives, literacy projects, and environmental awareness activities are examples of some areas of focus for our 7th graders.  When leaving 7th grade, students should have a deeper understanding of the need to be well informed, how to effectively research and communicate plans of action and an awareness of the need for locally, nationally and globally aware citizens. 

    8th Grade – Leadership in the Global Community:  A Call To Action

    The 8th grade leadership experience is highly technology-based.  Students create multimedia presentations, learning how to best communicate global concerns while developing their technology skills using both Macs and PCs.  Working collaboratively to create and strategize is a constant in this course.  An annual Leadership Symposium is planned annually that has become a graduation of sorts for 8th grade students at Julia Landon.  Presentations are shown and students are able to highlight and showcase the global awareness they have developed over their three years in middle school.