Twin Lakes School Counseling Department

  • Our mission as School Counselors at Twin Lakes Academy Middle School is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that attends to the personal/social, academic, and career needs of all students. Our goal is to promote a commitment to life-long learning, personal and academic growth, and to aid students in becoming peaceful, culturally aware and productive members of society with the support of its educators, administrators, parents, and community advocates.
    Individual & Small Group Counseling
    ELL Support and Contact
    Classroom Guidance
    Teacher Consultation/Collaboration
    Parent Consultation
    Mediation/Conflict Resolution
    ELL and 504 Plan Development
    Community Resource Referral


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  • TLAM School Counselors:

    Last Names:  6th Grade

    7th Grade (A - L)

    Last Names:  8th Grade

    7th Grade (M - Z)

     Mr. Curry Counselor  

    Mr. Sequan Curry
    (904) 538-0825 Ext. 1603
    Francesca James
    (904) 538-0825 Ext. 1602
  • Online Grading System (FOCUS)
    Regular communication with your student's teachers and school is extremely important.  Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s) may access their student's grades and the teachers' websites through the district's online student information system (FOCUS).  Emailing your student's teacher(s) after accessing their grades and websites is a quick and easy way to ensure your student is on track and not falling behind in class.  Most teachers update grades weekly once school is up and running and the first assignments are graded.  Please allow longer for large projects or research papers that are time consuming to grade.  
    Students may access their FOCUS account using their district issued user ID and password.  Parent(s) and Guardian(s) must first register for an online account through the district's website, the link is included here.   Due to student privacy and security, logins and passwords cannot be given out over the telephone or by email.   Once a parent or guardian account is created and you have received your confirmation email, you have 21 days in order to come to the school with a picture ID and have your account validated.  After the account is validated you will be access it within 24-48 hours.  You only have to do this process one time and not for each individual child. 
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  • Conferences, Email, and Phone Calls

    Appointments with Guidance Counselors can be made by contacting the counselor directly (see extensions above) or  walk-ins are welcomed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:30 to 10:30.

    Parent/Teacher Conferences can be scheduled by clicking on , emailing the individual teacher(s) or calling (904) 538-0825.  Please allow teachers 24-48 hours to return your phone call or email (or until the next business day if over a weekend or holiday). Since your student's 8 teachers do not all have common planning time, it is not always possible to schedule one conference that would have all teachers in attendance.  

    Please be advised that teacher work hours are 9:05 am to 4:25 pm and phone calls and emails made before or after those hours may not be answered right away.  To limit classroom disturbances, all phone calls to teachers go directly to voicemail and do not ring directly into the classroom. When you call, please leave your name, your student's name if different from your own, and a call back number where you may be reached within the next 24 hours. 
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