School Tours
    Duval County Public Schools invites you to explore its schools and great educational programs through a “Discover Duval Schools” tour. Participants will visit the campus, talk with students and faculty members, learn about unique and innovative program(s) within the school, and determine their interests in engaging in public education activities. These tours offer citizens a closer look into the successes and challenges of Duval County Public Schools and present an opportunity to better understand its mission of providing educational excellence in every school, in every classroom, for every student, every day. During the tours, participants will learn more about how schools play a critical role in the health, well-being and future of an entire community. Tour members will also engage in discussions with educators, and business and community leaders to learn the answers to the questions:
    •Are you well informed about the quality, direction, and progress of public education in Duval County?
    •How well are Duval County’s public schools meeting the needs of students?
    •What kind of training programs and resources for teachers are in place to meet everyday challenges?
    •Is the school district offering effective instructional programs?
    •Will citizens come away from the tours feeling positive or more concerned about our public schools?
    School Tours
    Speakers' Bureau
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