• Reading Tips

    Tips for reading with your child:

    •   Help your child think about what he or she has just read

    •   Ask your child to retell the story

    •   Ask your child to make predictions about what will happen next

    •   Help your child compare and contrast what he or she is reading with real life

    •   Talk about the different characters

    •   Share each other's favorite parts of the book

    Things you can do at home:

    Make your home a reading home

    •   Provide 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted reading time every day

    •   Find a comfortable spot where your child can read

    Read out loud to your child

    •   This is a time to have fun

    •   Read with expression, laugh together

    •   Discuss books with your child

    Have your child read out loud to you every day

    •   Ask your child to read to you and other family members

    •   Try and arrange that your child reads for at least 20 minutes daily

    •   Focus your conversation on the meaning of the story

    •   Don't focus on mistakes (by focusing on mistakes, you can cause your child to lose the desire to read to you)


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