• Introduction

    Welcome to the Youth Development Program (YDP) Our Vision is to provide a place where every student is inspired and prepared for success in college or a career, and life.

     Our mission is to provide support for educational excellence in every school, in every classroom, for every student, every day.

    Core Classes

    While enrolled in the Youth Development Program. Students are expected to participate in all the scheduled core classes provided. If a student is currently taking advanced or honors courses according to their previous schedule, we will honor their current curriculum.  If there is a course of study that is not offered by YDP, we will consult with you through our Guidance Department to make the best academic choice for your student.  Contact Ms. Evans at 630-6782 x325.


    Noncore Classes

    Physical Education, Most Electives including Foreign Languages are not offered at YDP and can be resumed upon re-enrollment into the neighborhood school.


    Magnet & McKay

    For students previously enrolled into Magnet Public and McKay private schools, please contact that school for re-enrollment eligibility.

    GED, Alternative Education and Post secondary school

    While enrolled in the Youth Development Program students must be enrolled and participate in their regular scheduled class as their primary education and may be eligible to prepare and participate in the GED program. Students will be required to score 420+ on the Test of Adult Basic Education and be aged 16 and older and two or more years behind in school.

    If a student already has a High School Diploma or Equivalent, he/she will receive assistance with pursuing a post-secondary school and career path according to and as governed by the site.

    Should you have any questions, needs or concerns while transitioning into your education of choice please feel free to contact Ms. Clark-Jackson 904.630.6782 x3154.