DCPS teachers and students now have complete access to Algebra Nation, a free resource created by the University of Florida to help students succeed in Algebra and on the Algebra End-of-Course Exam.

    Teachers and students will find aligned videos, study guides, practice problems, "Test Yourself!" practice tool (which looks and feels like the computerized EOC), and an interactive wall where students can ask questions and earn points for assisting one another.


    1)             Log into Mozilla Firefox


    2)             Log into www.AlgebraNation.com and click on "Enter Algebra Nation"


    3)             Type in the name of your school. Your school will come up in the drop down as you type. \


    4)             At the login page, sign in with the following login credentials:

    Student Username: Use your DCPS username (s+ student ID number)

    Student Password: the two-digit district ID number (16), followed by the first four letters of the last name, followed by the two-digit birth month, followed by the two-digit birth day  (e.g. Alberto Rodriguez, Duval County [16], born on May 10 [mmdd] = 16RODR0510)

     If a student’s name has fewer than 4 letters, then they use 0’s instead = Sue Li born Aug 14 would be 16Li000814

    If you have questions on Algebra Nation, then please contact them directly at help@algebranation.com 

    or at (888) 608-MATH.