• Welcome to Code Enforcement!

    Our goal is to ensure a safe and healthful built environment for the students and staff of Duval County Public Schools. 
    Welcome to the Duval County Public Schools' Code Enforcement site. The Code Enforcement department provides a plan review, permitting and inspection system to ensure compliance with the Florida Building Code, Florida Fire Prevention Code and applicable statutes and rules for building construction, remodeling, renovation and maintenance of the district's facilities.
    Please review our procedures and forms which can be downloaded from the Documents section of this page.  If you have any questions related to permitting and inspection of construction/maintenance projects, please contact our Building Permit Technician at (904) 390-2165.
    Questions related to school FIRE DRILLS or the EMERGENCY EVACUATION DRILLS/SAFETY TO LIFE CHECKLIST form should be addressed to the General Safety department under DCPS Risk Management at (904) 390-2360.