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    K-5 Coastal Sciences, Coastal Science Field Studies, Aquatic Science Lab
    Dr. June Levy, an evaluator of Our Magnet Grant implementation's says in her commendation summary: The school is child-centered and all activities are age appropriate. Especially appreciated on this visit was the lack of teacher-made projects in kindergarten and first grades. Instead of marshmallow eggs inside sea horses, students had explored sea life on the ocean floor and created their own visions and versions of it, and instead of all students responding to the same writing prompt, students interpreted narratives and retold them in individual ways. Boards were full of rigorous curriculum connections rather than the sometimes "cute" activities that catch the viewer's eye. The curriculum is rich in content and skills, and students are able to articulate those. Teachers are comfortable integrating the coastal science theme and using nonfiction coastal science texts for close reading in addition to reading across the curriculum. The school has transformed itself from an ordinary elementary school to an extraordinary showplace where teaching and learning is to be commended.
Last Modified on June 19, 2018