• Welcome to the Mayport Coastal Sciences Elementary!

    A Science Program that Sets Us Apart!

    The Coastal Science Program is an enrichment to the school curriculum by providing our students K-5th weekly opportunities to explore aspects of our local coastal community. Each grade level participates in a curriculum catered to learning standards and builds upon each year!
    • Kindergarten studies the living and nonliving thinks that can be found in our Atlantic Ocean.
    • 1st grade learns about marine mammals that live off of our shores, with the Right Whales being one of the most endangered.
    • 2nd grade moves to the shoreline where they learn all about the seven species of sea turtles. They also become experts on sand from around the world through our "Flat Sandy" program.
    • 3rd grade moves further inland to our springs where they learn all about manatees and how important it is for each of us to protect these "gentle giants".
    • 4th grade learns about estuaries, natures nurseries, and the effect that humans are having on these most precious natural resources.
    • Finally, 5th grade learns all about our beautiful St. Johns River. They are presented with both sides of why the river is so valuable to us here in Jacksonville. They learn all about the environmental and the economic effects that the river has on our local coastal community!

    Check out our "Coastal Science Programs" tab to see more about each grade level's program!

Last Modified on June 5, 2023