• Mayport Elementary Coastal Sciences Academy

    School Counselor – Melissa Hammond

    Phone – 904-247-5988

    Fax – 904-247- 5990

    Email hammondm@duvalschools.org


    Our school counseling program is comprehensive in scope, preventive in design, and developmental in nature. The overall goal of the school counseling program is to promote academic success of every student through supporting and enhancing each child’s personal, social, and emotional growth.

    Delivery of the school guidance program is multi-faceted. Some of the ways that Ms. Hammond addresses the needs of the students and families are:

    • Individual counseling
    • Group counseling
    • Classroom guidance lessons
    • Delivery of DCPS guidance programs
    • Referrals to outside resources
    • Parent/teacher/administrator consultation


    Ms. Hammond operates the School Counseling Program with an “open-door” policy. She welcomes any communication with families as we all “circle our students with the support that they need to be successful in school.”



    1. See additional Resources on our Website: Military Family Support.
    2. Child Safety Matters Child Abuse Prevention Program will be delivered to grades 1st - 5th. Parents 
           will have a letter sent home prior to this curriculum delivery.
    3. Beaches Resources Center - A Full Service Schools assessment and resource agency. Contact Ms.   Hammond for referrals.
    4. Random Acts of Kindness Campaign - all grades.
    5. Fifth Grade "Moving On to Your Future - Career Development Curriculum.
    6. The school counselor is the ESOL/ELL (English Language Learners) contact for each school.