MMS GATE Program

    The Mandarin Middle School Gifted and Academically Talented Education Program is an accelerated and well-rounded academic program that is designed for students who have a proven academic success record and who have the motivation to complete a rigorous level of academics.

    Key features of the program:

    • Individualized educational program with a three-year plan of study. Seventh graders may be eligible to take Algebra I Honors and 8th graders take Geometry Honors (high school credit courses).
    • Digitally integrated instruction.
    • Honors classes are designed to foster critical-thinking skills and prepare students to excel in a globally competitive world. 
    • An option to participate in Band/Art/Music is given priority to GATE students. 

     22-23 MMS GATE Application


    GATE Coordinator: Mrs. McDonald
    Email: golischm@duvalschools.org
    Phone#: 904-292-0555