Academy of Science and Music

Abess Park has its very own concert band. The elementary concert band is mainly comprised of students in the 4th and 5th grade, but 3rd grade students are welcomed to join. These students will learn basic music skills as well as to play wind, brass, and percussion instruments. The dedicated members of the Abess Park Band rehearse two days a week before school but practice their instrument at home daily. It is an introductory ensemble, so there are no auditions, but students who have never played an instrument will have a brief period of instrument try-outs.  In addition, members are required to demonstrate solid academic performance and are held to stringent conduct requirements. Band at Abess Park is a place for students to find creativity and talent, as well as build confidence and discipline.  Its a place where they begin to express themselves using the universal language of music.  For questions and information on how to join please email Mr. Threadcraft at