Chair:  Ms. Kenyatta Register

    School Advisory Council Responsibility
    The responsibility of the School Advisory Council is to provide parents, citizens, faculty, staff, and students an opportunity to participate in the development of educational priorities, assessment of a school's needs, and identification of local resources.
    Alimacani is fortunate to have a School Advisory Council that is dedicated to the professional growth of our students and staff. Alimacani includes the goal and objectives of our School Advisory Council as part of our School Improvement Plan. Alimacani's SAC meets monthly. Our SAC is committed to ensuring a comprehensive plan that is focused on current growth/development thus providing exposure to current teaching strategies. This focus maintains a strong pulse on the needs and dynamics that directly impact our number one priority: Student Success/Achievement.
    Alimacani ENCOURAGES you to consider joining our School Advisory Council. This is one way to ensure that Alimacani is on the cutting edge of achievement for the success of each child. The participation of our Parents, Business Partners, and Stakeholders in SAC is essential for the continued growth of our school.
    You may contact Ms. Stalls, Principal; Ms. Kasper, Assistant Principal; and/or Ms. Bibb, Assistant Principal for information on becoming a valued member of Alimacani's School Advisory Council.
    Alimacani's SAC meetings are regularly scheduled for the first Friday of each month at 12:00 noon during the school year, unless otherwise specified.
  • You may contact
    Ms. Stalls, Principal, and/or
    Ms. Kasper, Assistant Principal 
    for information on becoming
    a valued member of
    Alimacani's School
    Advisory Council.