• Mrs. Tiffany Green, Principal

    Mr. Kendall Parris, Vice Principal

    Mrs. Angela Mays, Chairperson

    Mrs. Angela Parris, Member

    Mrs. Joan Mansell, Member

    Mrs. Lakeysha Joesph, Member

    Mr. Fleming PTA President, Member

    Ms. Jeania Jones, University of Florida

    Ms. Amy Hurston, Woodstock Friendship Holiness Community Church

     The Honorable Mr. Warren Jones, District 5 School Board Member-Chairman
  • School Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

       5/20/2020                                                2:00 p.m. - 2:20 p.m.



    Johnson - Principal

    Mobley – Assistant Principal Hallenbeck - Bookkeeper Jackman - Math Coach

    Corp- Teacher

     Goals and objectives:

    Previous and upcoming years PFEP

     Previous years plan: $3400 Breakdown for required activities

    Items and materials purchased to aide events/activities Purchases to the stock parent resource room and assist parent liaison (Donuts w/ dads, muffins w/moms, math & Literacy nights)

     Johnson: Any questions or additional input so far?

    Mobley: All set.

    2020-2021 PFEP budget: Being budgeted for Counselor and additional 4th & 5th-grade teachers.


    Counselor, 4th & 5th-grade teachers

    Math coach (in the works due to funding)

     Survey Data: Strengths, weaknesses, and focus areas


    Collaborative proactive

    Quality & professional development Socialization of new teachers Rigorous study habits

    Academic engagement and prep.


    Classroom disruptions Student responsibility Student/parent trust Safety Student/teacher trust Focus Areas:

    Teacher Influence Student Safety Student-Teacher Trust

    2020-2021 PFEP breakdown

    8 activities required for the upcoming year


    4 questions. Responses to be sent to Johnson or Mobley after meeting.

    Johnson: Are there any questions or input?

    Mobley: No ma’am.

    Jackman: No thank you.

    End of meeting

  • School Advisory Council Meeting

    Annie R. Morgan Elementary School # 21

    Laquitrice Johnson, Principal

    Tyra Mobley, Assistant Principal

    May 20, 2020


    • Stakeholders will:
    • Receive information concerning previous year’s PFEP;
    • Receive information concerning the upcoming year’s PFEP & School-wide budget;
    • Receive an opportunity to provide input on ways to more frequently and effectively engage parents & families;
    • Receive an opportunity to provide suggestions on how the school can aide families in helping their students be more successful.

    Budget for 2020-2021 School Year

    • * School is currently being budgeted for the following:
    • 1. School Counselor
    • 2. Additional positions on 4th and 5th grade
    • *Projected Vacancies that will need to be filled:
    • 1. Additional 4th/5th grade positions
    • 2. School Counselor
    • Other positions:
    • Math Coach (will be working with school-based and district-based leadership on how we can creatively budget)

    5 Essentials Survey Data

    • Areas of Strength
    • Areas of Weakness
    • Focus areas for SIP

    Coordination / Integration with other Programs

    • What are your suggestions for how the school should integrate activities that teach families how to help their children using various programs (i.e. Title 1 engagement nights, Parent Academy, Parent resource room)

    Flexible Parent Meetings

    • What are the best times for parents/guardians to participate in parent and family engagement activities?

    Building Capacity

    • What type of parent and family engagement activities would parents be interested in having to assist them in advocating or working with their students so they will be successful academically and personally?

    Staff Development

    • From a parent's perspective, what type of staff skill improvements would you like to see?

    Communication and Accessibility

    • What form of communication work best? (school website, email, phone, flyers, social media, newsletter, Robocall/Parentlink)
    • How should the school ensure that all families have the opportunity to be engaged?
    • Recommendations on how to distribute the PFEP information to parents? What format would be parent-friendly? (hard copy, highlights in the school newsletter, school website, available in parent resource room)


    • What are the barriers to keeping parents from being engaged?
    • What solutions are needed to overcome the barriers?

    20-21 PFEP Budget Allocation

    • $3,400.00
    • 8 Family Engagement Activities (an increase from last year)


    Thank you for your time and patience. But, don’t leave yet…

    …one more very important slide after this one. J


    1. Were goals/objectives met?

    2.Were Parent & Family Engagement topics explained clearly?

    3. Were all of your questions answered?

    4. How can the school improve its engagement of all stakeholders?

    Please email Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Mobley with your responses to the 4 questions above after the meeting, by 4 pm. Please include your full name, and cell number if you’d like a follow-up call.