School Advisory Council

    The purpose of SAC is to enhance the curriculum and make sure that the school meets the goals of the School Improvement Plan (SIP).

    Once a month the SAC team meets to discuss and review the expenditures of SIP funds. The team is also made aware of changes to the school culture and budget.  The group brainstorms solutions to make improvements.  At the beginning and end of the school term, this team evaluates the School Improvement Plan to ensure that all requirements are successfully completed.

    The SAC team observes the progress of the school and works along with the administrator to ensure that changes, implemented to increase the yearly progress in academics, are a reality.  Contact Mrs. Spassoff (spassoffm@duvalschools.org) if interested in joining this year’s SAC.

    Strategy 5A; 5B; 5C – Title I, School Information
    The majority of the SAC members are not employed by the school district. The SAC is composed of the principal and an appropriately balanced number of teachers, education support employees, students (for middle and high school only), parents, and other business and community citizens who are representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school.