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    Welcome to the DCPS Grants Department. The Grants team supports district-wide competitive grant funding to bring additional dollars to our students. The Grants team also provides information and resources for DCPS departments and schools.

    Many DCPS schools and district departments submit grant applications directly. If you apply for a grant on behalf of your school or department, please let us know! We also urge schools and departments to review the Grants Department website for guidance to make sure you are following district, state, and federal policy.

    Remember, every grant over $10,000 must be reported to the Grants Office, and every request over $75,000 must be reported to the board.

    Did you receive a grant? Don't forget to share the good news! 

     Click here to report your grant request or award to the district office.

    See the "Tell Others About My Grant" page for more information.

    What we do
    Submit districtwide grant requests

    Track open grant opportunties

    Help develop new grant funded programs

    Assist with compliance


    The Grants Department also assists schools and departments with the following:
    Advice on available funding: The Grants Department can help connect you to open opportunties for funding

    Support for post award activities: We can help with startup, fiscal management, and reporting

    Assisting community partners with grant requests: We can help gather education data, write letters of support, and provide other assistance to community partners who are writing their own grants.

    Feedback on proposals: The Grants Department can provide feedback on proposals. Please note that proposal review can take some time, so be sure to contact the grants department as soon as possible to shcedule a review.
    NEW SharePoint site: Check out the resources at the Grants for Schools SharePoint Site here. This growing inventory of resources is only available to Duval County School District staff, and includes an additional comprehensive grant search from Monthly Education Grants Alerts (MEGA), writing templates, research reports, and tools to stay in compliance. Contact the Grants Office if you have trouble signing on. 
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