• Welcome to Loretto Elementary!!!

    Loretto Elementary School is a school steeped in local Mandarin history, having been in existence since 1893.  Using our unique background to integrate into classroom instruction has always been an integral part of our distinguishing characteristics.  It would appear that, on the surface, our choice as a technology magnet would be an incongruent selection.  However, our goal for all of our students is that we learn from our past in order to grow forward.  By incorporating technology into every aspect of our daily instruction, we are preparing our children for the challenges of the 21st century.

    Currently, we offer our students the use of a television production lab, two separate computer labs, interactive white boards in nearly all of our 52 classrooms, computerized testing availability, as well as full time music, art, physical education, and technology instructors.  We also are a dedicated diabetic center, and offer both gifted and autistic programs.  We provide after school remediation programs in both reading and math.

    Our “typical” student is non-existent.  Each child is unique and is a mixture of curiosity, wonder, and excitement and is eager to explore the world around them.