Childand Youth Behavioral Military Family Life Counselor (CYB-MFLC):

    Fletcher High School -

    Direct Phone Contact 904-403=3241


    All of our counselors are masters level and above licensed mental health professionals, socialworkers, psychologists and marriage and family therapists.  


    The mission of our program is to provide non- medical,solution focused, problem solving counseling support, coaching, and education to children, families, service members andstaff that work in the various Child and Youth Programs on the installation andin the schools. 


    What We Do & How We Do It


    1. CYB-MFLCs will assist and support the staff and work with children and families.  In our  role as counselor, we will be available to:


    • Observe, participate, andengage in activities with children and youth.
    • Model behavioral managementtechniques and provide feedback to staff.
    • Suggest, coach and educatestaff regarding age appropriate behavioral interventions to enhance the copingand behavioral skills of the children they serve.
    • Outreach to parents.
    • Facilitatepsycho-educational groups at the school.
    • Conduct trainings for staffand parents.
    • Recommend referrals to military social services andother resources as needed.


    1. Subject areas may include but are not limited to the following:


    • Communication
    • Resolvingconflicts
    • Managing anger
    • Bullying
    • Self-esteem/self-confidence
    • Behavioral management techniques
    • Sibling/parentalrelationships
    • Deployment andreintegration issue


    1. At no time willthe counselor meet individually with a child without being in line of sight ofa school or their parent/guardian.



    IV.       Structure


    1. We are obligated to report duty to warn cases when there is a threat to self or others, spousal abuse, child abuse, and sexual assault as per our protocol.


    1. There may be situations that arise that are not appropriate for our services.  In those instances we will make every effort to facilitate a referral to other available resources that will be able to help.


    1. All information other than duty to warn is kept confidential.  We do not report or document any identifying information or keep records of our interactions. We do collect data that reflects demographics and some general information that the Office of the Secretary of Defense has requested.


    1. If someone needs additional services, we recommend referrals to other resources. We are not here to replace any of the services that exist on base; we are simply bridging some of the possible gaps; this is particularly useful if and when there is reluctance in accessing those other services.  (If briefing staff that isn’t familiar with program may want to state that we are not here to evaluate staff).



    *Please see the Link for the "ParentInformation Letter"and download, sign and select either the firstsection to authorize services for your child, or, the second section of theletter stating that you do notauthorize services.


    Whencomplete, bring the letter to the school, and leave at the counseling guidance centermain desk for the

    CYB-MFLC.This letter will be kept in a secure folder for reference.