• This form is for current and past Stanton students only!

    Complete this method to request for your transcript.

    Our system will only have access to transcripts within the last 10 years. Beyond that timeframe you will need to contact the school district:https://dcps.duvalschools.org/Page/15018 

    Email your assigned school counselor to request your transcript with the subject line: Transcript Request

    Copy, paste and complete the following information in the body of your email:

    Enter your Duval County student ID number without the leading "S." If you are a graduate, enter 99.*

    Enter your last name, first name*

    Enter a valid email address that we can use if there is a problem with your request.*

    Enter the year that you graduated from Stanton, e.g. 2015, 2016, etc? *

    Enter the name of the college or scholarship*

    What application portal are you using? Common App, Institutional app, SCOIR, etc..*

    Which school counselor are you working with? (Ibasco, Fessenden, or Watanabe)

    Enter the city and state of the college or scholarship. Enter the complete address if it must be mailed or if it is for a scholarship.

    Indicate any special circumstances, e.g. if there is a special due date, if you are picking the transcript up or wish it emailed to you, it is for personal use, SSAR, etc..

    Use the following emails to send your request to your school counselor:

    • May Ibasco-Students A-F,  grades 9-12, Honors, IB students -                 email – ibascom                         
    • Kyle Fessenden – Students G-N,  9-12, Honors, IB students                      email - fessendenk
    • Misayo Watanabe - O-Z, 9-12, Honors, IB students -                               email- watanabem