• The Alimacani Story

    Alimacani opened its doors for the first time to students in August 1990. Alimacani is a Timucuan Indian word which is translated to mean "sweet land by the sea." A most appropriate name since the school is located on the Intracoastal Waterway. When Ribault landed in 1562, he was greeted by Timucuan Indians from the Village of Alimacani. The sun and moon still light the land but their worshipers are gone. Their heritage has been preserved through Alimacani Elementary School and it is our legacy to future generations.

    Alimacani Natives  

    Each Alimacani Family Member shares a common thread woven throughout our hearts. That thread is to ensure that Alimacani's vision of providing an environment Where Education Is A Treasure And Children Are Inspired To Reach For Their Dreams is embraced daily.

    We refer to ourselves as the Alimacani Family. This is not by accident or in words only. We are a family due to the culture that Mrs. Donna Hulsey established as she prepared the soil for the growth of each child, staff member, parent, and stake holder.

     Alimacani Principals
    Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Hulsey, and Ms. Stalls

    Mrs. Hulsey started the first Flag Raising Ceremony at Alimacani. Mrs. Pam Rogers followed Mrs. Hulsey as Principal of Alimacani and lovingly continued the patriotic thread that holds our school and nation together.  Now, Ms. Kathy Stalls, joyfully embraces those values that strive to touch the heart and reach the soul of each learner. 

    The heart of each celebration at Alimacani does not just consist of adult preparations, skits, dress-ups, and readings, but its cup overflows with student anticipation, excitement, and active engagement.

    The gift of tradition is encased in each heart that vibrates the halls of Alimacani and is so lovingly carried forth each day by our children, staff, administration, and stakeholders. Our task is to accept this gift each day with purposeful resolve, to celebrate it and to ensure that we will live into this precious gift.

    Sweet Land by the Sea