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School Supply List

Buying the right supplies and recommended quantities are essential to making sure your student begins the school year ready to achieve educational excellence. For the 2017-2018 school year, Duval County Public Schools has partnered with Walmart to promote the district’s supply lists to better prepare students for their first day of school.
While each teacher may have different supply needs, the general supplies listed below for grades K thru 8 are common necessities for core academic classes.  We encourage parents, guardians and students to check out their school website for specific grade and/or teacher supply lists under the Parent and/or Student channels or teacher websites.
Grades K-8 General School Supply List
Backpack Notebook Paper
Pencils Index Cards
Colored Pencils Sticky Notes
Erasers & Pencil Eraser Tops Duo-tang Folders: Pockets and Prongs
Ink Pens: Blue, Black and Red **
3 Ring Binders and Dividers **
Crayons *Ear Buds/Head Phones **
Color Safe Markers *Composition Books
HighlightersComposition Books – Graphing **
Child Safe Scissors *
Copy Paper
Glue SticksGraph Paper **
TissueFlash/Thumb Drive
Liquid Hand Soap *Scientific Calculator **
 * Grades K - 5
** Grades 6 - 8
 For High School Supply List, please visit specific school and/or teacher websites.
Optional Online School Supply List Tool

While most school supply lists are posted on school websites or distributed during orientation, teachers have the option to use an online tool to build and share with parents. Walmart, a back-to-school supply sponsor, has a new online supply list option for teachers. Lists can be specific to a teacher’s classroom and helps stock their classroom with necessary supplies. If interested, click the “Classrooms by Walmart” banner to get started.