Please read before applying to GRASP...
    What is the GRASP Academy?  
    The GRASP Academy is a school of choice option for students in grades 1st-8th. We are a stand alone campus school at 3101 Justina Road. This school incorporates project based learning and enrichment with prescriptive structured language instruction and interventions. Eligibility will be based on meeting criteria that demonstrate a student has unmet potential and signs of dyslexia. This school is a public choice school offered by Duval County Public Schools. We are not a private school or a charter school.

    Why choose the GRASP Academy?

    The GRASP Academy is a unique learning environment designed for the dyslexic learner. Enriched programs, structured language intervention, hands-on learning, and multi-sensory instruction are core components of the school programming. Each GRASP Academy classroom is within Duval class size ranges and is similar to other at-risk student class sizes  We utilize general education teachers, para-professionals, prescriptive interventionists and ESE teachers as appropriate in order to maximize the individual approach for each student. The GRASP Academy supports the special learning needs of the dyslexic student by utilizing Orton-Gillingham methodology

    How are students chosen to participate in the GRASP Academy?

    Applications for the GRASP Academy will be reviewed to identify students that may learn in a similar manner of a student with dyslexia, dyscalculia and/or dysgraphia and would thrive in our type of instructional model. The application process begins when the parent completes the GRASP application.

    We continue to accept applications even for grade levels that are full, in order to have a waiting list to utilize if seats become available.  


    How do I apply for the GRASP Academy?
    Applications are initiated by the parent. Upon completion and once it is received by staff of the GRASP Academy, they will send the student’s teacher an online rating scale to complete. A student will then be scheduled for a required learning stations session which will include a short reading assessment, writing assessment and learning observations/interview questions.   Applications will be made available from January 8th  - January 26th, 2018.  Applications will continue to be accepted beginning Feb. 1st and they may be considered for seats, if the student meets the eligibility requirements and there is availability.  We would like to have all students seated by October 1st.  After that time, families will be referred to the 2019-20 applications which begin in January of 2019.
    How & when will I be notified if my child has a seat at GRASP?
    Students are offered seats on a rank order basis, with the students that are a best fit, being offered first.  It is not a lottery or a first come, first served seat placement. As students accept or decline their seats, additional students will be offered the seat in rank order.  We understand that it may be frustrating being on a waiting list to start, but we give each family about two weeks after acceptance to accept or decline their seat.  
    Previously (2016-17)we had 450 applicants for 100 seats, rather than keep people in limbo who are farther down the eligibility list, only a small waiting list will be maintained moving forward, as seats are limited. The others will be notified that there is not a seat available for their child for 2017-18

     Will transportation be provided to the GRASP Academy?

    Transportation will be provided free of charge to the GRASP Academy through Duval County Public Schools. Transportation will NOT be provided to students outside of the Duval County Public School's attendance zone.

    After students have been accepted, and the parents have completed the transfer form, students wishing to have bus transportation will need to complete the magnet stop application.  This will allow for transportation to plan routes in advance.