• Welcome Parents!
    We welcome all of our returning parents as well as our new parents to J. Allen Axson Montessori School. It is going to be an amazing school year!
    Our 2022-23 Parent Handbook will be available here soon.  The handbook will have updated information, so please read, even if you are a returning family.  Please sign and send back the parent handbook acknowledgement form in the back of the Parent Handbook. 

    In the Fall of 2015, The Department of Health mandated that schools obtain signatures from physicians in order for site-based personnel to administer any and all medication including prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.  We will have a new Medication Authorization form to download in August.  A copy is also available in the front office. Note that the only medications that can be self-carried by a student are albuterol inhalers, epi-pens, pancreatic enzymes, and diabetic supplies, and only if that portion of the form is signed by the doctor. All other medications must be kept in the front office. 


Last Modified on June 23, 2022