• Extended Day


    • Extended Day AM hours are 7am-7:45am.  Extended Day PM hours are 3:15pm-6:00pm.  There are late fees charged if a child is picked up after 6:00pm. 
    • AM session is $52 each payment period.  PM session is $100 each payment period.  AM and PM sessions together are $152 each payment period.  Preferred payments are stamped checks with current name, address, and phone number, but we also accept cashier's checks, money orders, or exact cash. 
    • Please email the Ext. Day Director, Ricky Lamberson, at lambersonc@duvalschools.org or call 220-1310 ext. 99955 if you have any questions. 
    • To register online for Kernan Trail Extended Day program please click on this link