• Guidance Services

      There are several guidance services available to our Sadie Tillis families.  Read below for more information.  Click here for a request for counseling by our counselor, Latona Johnson 

    Small Group Counseling

    Small Group  

    Small group counseling sessions are offered throughout the year. The small group experience is an enjoyable way for students to benefit from personal growth as well as gain support from peers with similar needs. Groups are typically arranged through parent and teacher referrals. The small groups usually meet for four to six week sessions. Groups are created as needed according to varying topics. Small groups may focus on confidence building, anger management, changing families/divorce, friendship, social skills, or school success.

      Individual Counseling

     Individual Counseling

    Students can request to see me as well as teacher and/or parent request. During individual meetings with students, I can help children understand and accept themselves, cope with family changes and/or crisis, develop decision making skills, conflict resolution skills, anger management techniques, and problem solving strategies. The following are just a few examples of the situations in which school counselors can help their students:

    • ·         My parents are getting a divorce. I am scared about what is happening
    • ·         My best friend and I seem to be fighting a lot lately. We just can’t seem to get along
    • ·         I am the new student here at school and I am afraid I just won’t fit in
    • ·         My grandfather passed away
    • ·         Mommy just had a new baby
    • ·         I do my homework, but I can’t seem to remember to bring it to school.
    • ·         My friend has been acting strange.
    • ·         Someone told me that if I didn’t give them my lunch money today, I’d be sorry!


      School Counseling Curriculum


    Kindergarten-2nd Grade


    Students in Kg.-2nd grade will participate in the Second Step Violence Prevention Program to teach social-emotional skills. Second Step Program helps increase children’s safety and well being by teaching them skills that reduce their aggression and increase their social competence with lessons that focus on empathy, impulse control, and anger management.

     3rd-5th Grade

    Students in 3rd-5th grade will participate in the Student Success Skills Program that helps students develop the academic, social and self management skills they need to succeed. They will also learn how to create a community of caring, support, and encouragement.