• School Apps

    ALL PARENTS will need the following (2) apps in order to effectively communicate with throughout the year. 


    1. FOCUS
    • Check student grades and assignments
    • Check student attendance
    • Register for bus transportation
    • Register for Duval HomeRoom


    1. Class Dojo
    • Daily communication with teachers (replaces student agendas)
    • Receive weekly inserts
    • Student conduct reports

    Lunch Account Payments

    All lunch accounts require online monitoring at www.myschoolbucks.com.  Parents may use the site to add funds to their student’s account and monitor dining selections.  In person payments are suspended until further notice. 


    Face Covering Expectations 

    Students will wear face coverings when…

    • Boarding bus
    • Cafeteria line
    • Entering building
    • Dismissal
    • Hallway transitions



    Sign up for bus transportation (registration required) through FOCUS at


    Class Assignments

    Parents may access FOCUS Friday, August 7 to determine TEMPORARY classroom assignments.   Classroom assignments are not permanent until after the fall budget is settled. 



    If parents/guardians wish to check-out their students early, they will be asked to call the school when they are in the front parking lot/loop and meet a staff member at the front door. The student will be called to the front office with their belongings and walked to the front door. A staff member will check the ID of the parent/guardian and sign out the student for documentation.
    o No early checks out after 2:15 on regular school days.
    o No early check outs after 12:15 on Early Release days.



    Extended day registration is online this year. Parents will be notified about the open enrollment window from the district communications department. This is a two step enrollment process. The first step will be to apply. An online application does not mean you have a spot. You are officially registered when a director reaches out to you and you complete step 2 of the payment process. Please follow the steps for enrollment per the district website and wait for a director to call you. Please note that the system generates the list for the school and the Administration/Extended Day directors must go by the order of the the list. Once a grade level is full, we will be unable to add additional seats due to Covid 19 guidelines.



    All conferences will be held virtually until further notice. These will need to be scheduled in advance.



    All water fountains will be taped off and not in use until further notice.
    • If the water fountain has a bottle filler option, students may still use this feature to fill water bottles.
    • We recommend every student bring a personal water bottle daily.
    • Please consider donating gallons of spring water for the teachers to use to fill water bottles if needed during the day.



    PTA, SAC, etc. meetings will be virtual until further notice.



    Parents can contact the school for an appointment to drop-off prescription medication. It is important to bring all required documentation with you.