• Many colleges and scholarship organiations visit Stanton to meet with students in order to provide valuable information on their programs as well as application and admission advice. These are very informative sessions to help you with your future college planning. The procedure to attend these college visits is as follows:
    • Go to the school calendar that is linked by a tab at the top of this page, or from the home page
    • College visits are colored pink within the school calendar.
    • When you find a college you would like to visit with, click within the pink area.
    • You will see a link to register for the college visit. Click to register. 
    • Once you have registered, save the "ticket" and ask your teacher to give you permission to attend.
    These instructions will be followed very closely. If you do not notify your teacher of the class you will miss for the visit at least 24 hours before the meeting, you will likely not be permitted to visit. If you do not register, you will likely not be permitted to the meeting due to space limitations. So, please follow the directions carefully.
    *With the new COVID19 protocols, in-person college rep visits are not permitted at this time. Despite these changes we have worked out a process to ensure that our scholars still have access to the representatives. The college reps will offer virtual visits and their sign up date and time will be reflected on our school’s calendar.
    College Visits for the month of October: 
    *Dates and times may change. Please check the school calendar for the most updated schedule.
    10/1/2021 Rollins College
    10/4/2021 Ringling College of Art and Design
    10/4/2021 U.S. Air Force
    10/4/2021 University of South Florida-Main Campus
    10/5/2021 Oberlin College
    10/5/2021 Elon University
    10/6/2021 Southern California Institute of Architecture
    10/7/2021 Indiana University-Bloomington
    10/7/2021 Merrimack College
    10/7/2021 Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
    10/7/2021 Southern California Institute of Architecture
    10/8/2021 Stevens Institute of Technology
    10/8/2021 Saint Mary's College
    10/8/2021 Colby College
    10/8/2021 The American University of Paris
    10/12/2021 Washington and Lee University
    10/12/2021 Savannah College of Art & Design - SCAD
    10/12/2021 Yale University
    10/12/2021 University of Chicago
    10/12/2021 John Cabot University
    10/14/2021 Presbyterian College
    10/14/2021 Emory University
    10/14/2021 The University of West Florida
    10/14/2021 University of South Carolina-Columbia
    10/15/2021 Wofford College
    10/18/2021 Furman University
    10/18/2021 Dickinson College
    10/19/2021 Sacred Heart University
    10/19/2021 Princeton University
    10/22/2021 Southern Methodist University
    10/22/2021 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
    10/22/2021 Butler University
    10/25/2021 La Salle University
    10/25/2021 Marymount Manhattan College
    10/26/2021 Hamilton College
    10/26/2021 Lehigh University
    10/27/2021 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    10/29/2021 Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College
    College Visits for the month of September: 
    *Dates and times may change. Please check the school calendar for the most updated schedule.
    9/7/2021 Bucknell University
    9/7/2021 University of Maryland-College Park
    9/7/2021 Tulane University of Louisiana
    9/7/2021 Vanderbilt University
    9/7/2021 University of Richmond
    9/8/2021 University of Miami
    9/8/2021 Catholic University of America
    9/8/2021 Temple University
    9/8/2021 Georgia State University
    9/8/2021 Florida International University
    9/9/2021 University of Alabama in Huntsville
    9/9/2021 Baylor University
    9/9/2021 University of New Hampshire-Main Campus
    9/9/2021 FIDM-Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-Los Angeles
    9/9/2021 High Point University
    9/9/2021 Drexel University
    9/9/2021 University of Alabama in Huntsville
    9/10/2021 University of Southern California
    9/13/2021 Paul Smiths College of Arts and Science
    9/13/2021 Florida State University
    9/13/2021 Florida Atlantic University
    9/13/2021 Dartmouth College
    9/13/2021 Stetson University
    9/14/2021 University of Georgia
    9/14/2021 University of Florida
    9/14/2021 Boston University
    9/14/2021 Hult International Business School
    9/14/2021 Lynn University
    9/15/2021 Providence College
    9/15/2021 Valdosta State University
    9/16/2021 Champlain College
    9/16/2021 Georgetown University
    9/16/2021 Washington University in St Louis
    9/16/2021 Villanova University
    9/17/2021 Hofstra University
    9/17/2021 Virginia Military Institute
    9/17/2021 The University of Tennessee-Knoxville
    9/17/2021 Bryn Mawr College
    9/17/2021 Bryant University
    9/20/2021 The University of Alabama
    9/21/2021 University of South Alabama
    9/21/2021 Johns Hopkins University
    9/23/2021 Mississippi State University
    9/23/2021 University of Connecticut
    9/24/2021 University of Rochester
    9/27/2021 College for Creative Studies
    9/28/2021 Kenyon College
    9/29/2021 Oglethorpe University
    9/29/2021 Auburn University