• Welcome to DCPS Risk Management Website!
    DCPS Risk Management and Safety Programs are designed to provide for the safety and health of students, teachers and staff. 
    The Risk Management Office endeavors to protect the District from risk of loss while promoting the health and well being of all who work at or visit our facilities.
    This comprehensive program provides the following:
    •  Workers Compensation Program
    •  General Liability Program
    •  Safety Training
    •  Identifying, Reporting and Correction of hazards
    •  Work Site Safety Committees
    • Comprehensive Safety Inspections of District owned facilities
    •  Student/Visitor Accident Reporting and Investigation
    •  AED Program
    •  Purchase of available Insurance Policies to protect District Assets


  • DCPS Risk Management
    1701 Prudential Drive
    Jacksonville, FL 32207

    Ph:  (904) 390-2384