• Restorative Justice


    Restorative Justice is a positive, proactive, and instructional way of dealing with misbehavior. The program is led by a selected group of trained students mediators that will serve as role models and provide positive peer pressure for students to behave appropriately and assist in facilitation of small groups to remediate misbehavior. 



    Restorative Justice brings many benefits to the school climate:
    1. Create caring environments to support healthy communities.
    2. Bring understanding to harm and develop empathy for both the harmed and the harmer.
    3. Listen and respond to the needs of the person harmed and the harmer.
    4. Encourage accountability and responsibility through personal reflection within a collaborative environment.
    5. Reintegrate the harmer into the school community as a valuable, contributing member.
    6.To change the system when it contributes to harm.
    Desirable Outcomes:
    1. Reduced In-School Suspensions
    2. Reduction of Code of Conduct Violations
    3. Increased proactive problem-solving resolutions
    Restorative Justice is currently accepting applications for peer mediators. All applications must be submitted to Ms. Nelson, Restorative Justice Facilitator, in Guidance.