• Counselor-student assignments
    May Ibasco - Dept. Chair, grades 9-12, counselor for students with last names A-F (904) 630-6760 ext 1153999921
    Kyle Fessenden - grades 9-12, counselor for students with last names G-N (904) 630-6760 ext 1153999923
    Misayo Watanabe - grades 9-12, counselor for students with last names O-Z (904) 630-6760 ext 1153999924

    Support staff: 
    Mrs. Joyce Martin, (904) 630-6760 option 5, Fax: (904) 348-5177

    Scheduling an appointment with your counselor:

    • Verify a date and time with your counselor (24 hour notice (minimum))
    • Must have teacher permission (during school hours)
    • Have teacher email your counselor verifying

    Counseling Office Services Overview
    An important function of the Guidance and School Counseling Department is to maintain accurate records of each student’s progress in school.  This includes the interpretation of the importance of grades and test scores to students, parents and teachers.   The most important job of the Guidance and School Counseling Department, however, is service.  The school counselors are here to help students.  They will help students select courses to meet individual needs, offer encouragement to set high but realistic goals, aid in adjusting to the school environment, assist in resolving school and personal problems, and assist with college and scholarship applications. All senior year information is on the Senior News Page.

    College/University/Scholarship Testing Programs 
    The college admission tests are given by two testing agencies, the College Board (CEEB) and the (ACT) American College Testing Program.  The College Board is an association of approximately 5,000 colleges, schools, school systems, and education associations throughout the country.  The CEEB offers the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT), the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT Reasoning Test, SAT subject tests in 15 subject matter areas), and the Advanced Placement program (AP).  The PSAT, a two-hour test of verbal and mathematical skills administered in October, previews the SAT Reasoning Test, and serves as the qualifier for the National Merit Scholarship program for juniors.  The State of Florida pays for every sophomore to take this exam and we strongly encourage all freshmen and juniors to participate.  Since the PSAT does qualify students for scholarships, all juniors are expected to take the exam.

    The American College Testing program (ACT) is a private testing agency associated with colleges of varying sizes and types and is used for admission at most colleges in the U.S., as well as qualifying for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program.  The ACT, a test for juniors and seniors only, is administered six times a year.  The ACT is a three-hour examination which measures the student’s ability in English usage, mathematics, social studies, and natural science.  Scores range from 1 to 36 on the ACT.

    Students can apply for the SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject Test, and the ACT on-line.  The web site for the SAT is www.collegeboard.com and www.actstudent.org  for the ACT.  Stanton College Preparatory School’s Code Number is 100775 for the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), the ACT (American College Test), and the AP (Advanced Placement exams).

    Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program
    Students begin qualifying for this program the first day of 9th grade!  Graduates of Stanton are eligible for two levels of The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program funded by the Florida Lottery: the Florida Academic Scholars Award and the Florida Medallion Scholars Award.  These scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who have earned the required grade point average in specified coursework and earned the required scores on either the SAT or the ACT. Evaluation for eligibility begins by the student completing the Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) in December of the senior year.  This application is available at www.FloridaStudentFinancialAid.org.  

    Student Records
    Accessibility & Dissemination
    General information about a student kept on official records will be made available to parents or guardians and students upon request.  If a staff member is present to explain the information, parents, guardians, and students may inspect items such as academic records, test records, and physical health and accident records.  Other requested information dealing with discipline and of a more personal or psychological nature will be interpreted only by means of a conference with the appropriate school personnel.  Professional staff members will have access to information needed in the performance of their responsibilities.

    Transfer to another school/Withdrawls
    A student who transfers from Stanton to another school in Duval County must follow the procedure to exit a magnet school.  The form is available in the Guidance Office, and the procedure will take at least 2 days to complete.  A student who transfers from Stanton to a school other than a Duval County public school must bring their parent or a letter from their parent or guardian, to the Guidance office.  This should be completed on the day before the student’s departure so that the teachers can process the student’s records.  All books are to be turned in to the textbook clerk in the main office.  All financial or other obligations are to be satisfied before withdrawal.

    Progress Reports
    Progress reports will be issued during the half-way point of each grading period in A/B courses only.  If the grade changes to an unsatisfactory grade in an A/B course after the progress report is issued, the teacher will notify the parents in writing.  Students in a session or term course will only receive a scholarship warning at the halfway point if they have a D or F in the course.
    Parents are asked to check progress reports and report cards that will be issued according to the school calendar. 

    Parent/Teacher Conferences
    Should the need arise, parents are encouraged to have conferences with teachers. Parents are requested to set up a parent-teacher conference with the teacher(s) of the subjects where performance is below standard (D or below).  Call the Guidance Office at 630-6760, option 5 to set up conferences.  The Guidance Secretary will schedule conferences after school.