• The Helpful Hands—Business Services—Hurner’s

    The Helpful Hands


    A Partnership between School, Students, and Community Business

    The Helpful Hands enterprise is designed for students to acquire skills necessary for successful functioning in a competitive employment setting. It is geared to meet the sub contract and the special project needs of business and industry by providing a source of a competent and skilled labor force.

    Students are trained in and practice skills needed in a variety of business services. The jobs offered by the Helpful Hands enterprise may include: 

    ·        Shredding


     •	Shredding

    ·    V

    ·         Collating



    ·         Folding, stapling, stuffing envelopes






    ·         Labeling envelopes, newsletters, brochures for bulk mail

    ·         Scale and hand counting, packaging, bundling of materials

    ·         Assembly/disassembly of small parts, kits, handbooks, vendor bags



    ·         Assembly line tasks

    ·         Contracts with community business—Fastenal Company

    ·         Other flexible, labor intensive services available upon request