• Jean Ribault Middle
    Counseling Department

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    Mission Statement:
    The mission of Ribault Middle School is to provide a comprehensive and developmental school counseling program that meets the academic, social, and emotional growth of all students in a safe and caring environment.

    Jean Ribault Middle School students are empowered to reach their full potential utilizing faculty, staff, and community resources.

    Every student will graduate from Jean Ribault Middle school equipped with the social skills, awareness and knowledge to be successful in high school


    RMS School Counselors

    *Provide individual counseling

    *Facilitate group counseling

    *Provide Classroom guidance lessons

    *Provide Intervention Services

    *Provide community resources information

    *Assist students with setting goals

    *Providing academic improvement resources


     Jean Ribault Middle Counselors

    Seanta Jones
    Counselor 6, 7, 8th
    Student Last Name A-L
    Phone: (904) 924-3062 Ext 106


    Deirdre Clayton
    Counselor 6, 7, 8th
    Student Last Name M Z
    Phone: (904) 924-3062 Ext 107