•  General Information

    Duval County Public Schools provide various programs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and related disabilities that recognize the wide range of educational needs for students with ASD and related disabilities. In order to provide an individualized program based on student need, services are delivered in a variety of settings.  

    How is my child’s school or program decided? 

    Your child’s school/placement is based on a school based multi-disciplinary team. This team is made up of educational professionals that have worked with your child. Program support personnel, therapists, parents and others with intimate knowledge of the child also play a role in the decision making process. Once the child’s educational program is decided, school placement is based on home address. Students are assessed on an individual basis. Based on the varying needs of students with ASD various programs are available. Some students receive special education services in their neighborhood schools, while other students receive services in a self-contained classroom as part of the Communications and Social Skills (CSS) Program. All teams consider the Least Restrictive Environment when planning a student’s Individual Educational Plan. 

    Families new to the district will need to contact the placement office at 348-7800.

    What is the CSS Program?

    The CSS program provides educational services based on the knowledge of current, relevant research and effective practices. The CSS program focuses on increasing independent living, academic skills, socialization, and communication skills within the context of a positive behaviorally supportive environment throughout the school day. The CSS Program is located in 24 site schools across the district. These services are available to students from pre-kindergarten through transition age.