• Pinedale Elementary, a Title I school on the Northwest side of Jacksonville, serves 500 brilliant and resilient Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade students including the region’s two special education units (Communication and Social Skills & PRIDE Day-Treatment). Currently rated a “C” school by Florida’s school grading system, our team is on a mission to be a “B” or better this year. We have a revitalized vision and have re-grounded ourselves in high expectations. We are committed to challenging stigmas and status quos and creating an inclusive and joyful learning environment. We have the dedicated staff ready to put in the work to move achievement forward. We need your help in securing resources to make it happen.
    Pinedale was built in 1956.  In the year of 1972, Pinedale Elementary was the only school for the deaf/hard of hearing in the Jacksonville area.  This program has since been moved to Central Riverside Elementary School.  In 1991, Pinedale was listed as an Accelerated Magnet School with Stanford University Schools Project.  The program focused on a variety of teaching techniques that fostered a love for learning and independent thinking.  Through that magnet program, full-time art, music and physical education was supported until 2001.
    In 1992, additional buildings such as the main office, primary building, cafeteria/music suite and the media center were added to the school.  As a result of the closing of Lackawanna Elementary School, the school transferred approximately 400 students to Pinedale in the newly built building to accommodate the transformation.  Pinedale has housed many exceptional programs such as:
    • Developmentally Delayed (PreK)
    • Deaf/Hard of Hearing
    • CSS (formerly Autism Spectrum Disorder)
    • EBD/Day Treatment (PRIDE)

    Today, Pinedale Elementary serves the neighborhood and is a STEM Magnet. At Pinedale Elementary School, our pledge is simple: a brighter elementary school experience leading to a better future for your child. Primary education should be more than just one-size-fits-all. We take time to understand your child’s individual strengths and needs, building on their love of learning and giving them confidence to spare. We take pride in setting ambitious goals for our students, charting out a clear course to success.