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    Fitness and Character Education (FACE) motivates elementary school children to build fitness, self-esteem and character.  Since its inception in 2003, the FACE program has reached and influenced more than 20,000 students.  With a focus on fitness, the FACE program combines hand-eye coordination, physical fitness, public speaking and character education to build self-esteem, respect and confidence.

    Values and Qualities of the FACE Program

    Respect and courteousness

    Public speaking & eye contact

    General friendliness

    Openness to making new friends

    Understanding the importance of education and homework

    Developing & understanding physical fitness


    WHAT FACE does

    • Combines confidence, growth and positive attitude, leaving an imprint that lasts a lifetime
    • Motivates kids to get fit, get positive, get ahead
    • Utilizes a proven combination of incentives, physical activity, and communication skills
    • Connect with children in familiar surroundings -- in school and community settings
    • Offers kids an alternative to risky and destructive behaviors and helps them understand why they should make the right choice
    • Offers positive role models and reduces peer pressure by making good choices the cool thing to do
    • cultivates self-esteem, self-confidence and self-control
    • helps today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders


    Visit face4kids.org for more information