•  Please don't hesitate to reach out to any member of the Englewood support team by calling (904) 739-5212 and using one of the extensions listed below.  
    Main Office Assistant
    Ms. Jennifer Mohler
    Ext. 1090999950 or
    Student Services 
    Ext. 1090999952
    Ms. Geraldine Freeman
    Ext. 1090999953 or
    Ms. Sheila Gould
    Ext. 1090999925
    Principal Secretary
    Ms. Whitney Kemp
    Ext.  109099902
    Ms. Naomi Pangborn
    Ext. 1090999904
    Data Entry Clerk
    Ms. JoAnne Robinson 
    Ext.  1090999909
    Attendance & IDs 
    Activities Director  
    Ms. Carlyce Cononie
    Ext.  1090999991
    School Resource Officer
    Ofc. Koskei Patrick
    Ext.  109099990
    Security Guards
    Mr. Garry Bones
    Mr. Derrick Westbrook
    Mr. Alexander Jones