• Clubs for the 2019 – 2020 School Year

    Clubs have fees to support supplies and activities, but students will not be excluded from participating if they are unable to pay. Fees will be collected in October to help offset back to school costs. 

    Safety Patrol: We will take applications for students in 5th graders who would like to join our safety patrol each fall. Students must apply and meet behavioral & academic standards.  Returning Safety Patrol members in 6th may be selected as leader patrol officers. - Fee $20 (supports the purchase of new belts/badges) *Before or afterschool option of shifts, bus or car riders.

    Lego Robotics Team: Faculty Sponsors: Ms. Daniel - Limited spots available. Students must apply and will be selected for the team - Fee $20 (team t-shirt & supplies)   

    Mentors: select 6,7,8 grade students are assigned a 1st - 4th grade student as a mentee.  Monthly activities are planned to help with mentoring younger students.  Leader: School Counselor Fee $20 (supplies)

    TV Production Crew:  Middle school students are nominated by teacher to join the TV production crew, GRASP News Network, which meets from 8:00-8:30 Monday mornings.  Sponsor: TBD

    Drama Club:  Students meet afterschool on Tuesday for year-long club to learn drama techniques. Grades 4-8, Sponsor: TBD Fee - $20 (supplies)

    Newspaper Team:  This is a yearlong club. Students will work collaboratively to produce a news format for our stakeholders. Sponsor:TBD Fee $20 (production costs) Grades 4-8, limit 15