• We are developing/adding new before & after school club and enrichment opportunities throughout the year.
    Safety Patrol:  We will take applications for students in 5th graders who would like to join our safety patrol each fall. Students must apply and meet behavioral/academic standards.  Sponsors for 2017 & 18 are Caitlin Evans & Joyce Pate

    Running Club: coming for 2017-18?  Seeking faculty sponsor

    Robotics Team: Faculty Sponsors: Ms. Meringolo & Ms. Daniel - Limited spots available.  Students must apply and will be selected for the team.
    Lego Club: coming for 2017-18 as a lower grade level builder for Lego Robotics!  Seeking faculty sponsor
    Ambassadors: coming for 2017-18 students will lead tour groups, produce videos, and speak on behalf of the school at events.  Must be a 2nd year GRASP student (or more) to be eligible
    Mentors:  6,7,8 grade students are assigned a 1st - 4th grade student as a mentee.  Monthly activities are planned to help with mentoring younger students.  Leader: School Counselor
    TV Production Crew:  Middle school students apply each fall to join the TV production crew, GRASP News Network, which meets from 8:00-8:30 each morning.  Sponsor: Ms. Meringolo
    Band:  This is a current middle school elective class only, not an afterschool club.  Teacher is Mrs. Baker
    Chorus:  Yearlong afterschool club.  Sponsor is Ms. Baker
    Green Team: 2017-18 will launch our student Green Team.  Green Champion: Mrs. Sauer
    Drama Club:  Students meet afterschool for year-long club to learn drama techniques.  Club begins in late September.  Sponsor: Julie Lewis
    Dance Team:  This is a yearlong club.  Students will not be in competitions, but will learn dance moves and develop a performance. Sponsor:  Ms. Boeni
    Newspaper Team:  This is a yearlong club.  Students will work collaboratively to produce a news format for our stakeholders.  Sponsor: Mr. Matthews
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